Overcome Learning and Emotional Challenges from

and end the cycles of frustration from problems with memory and concentration, productivity, anxiety, depression, and other issues

in as little as 8-10 sessions (even if you have NO IDEA What’s Causing the problem)!

Relief from Anxiety Related Symptoms

Walk out of your first session feeling less anxious and more able to take the world on.

Improve Learning and Focus

Walk out of your first session feeling less anxious and more able to take the world on.

Relieve Symptoms from Brain Dysfunctions

Clients that have issues stemming from Autism, ADHD, Concussions and other diagnoses report feeling relief from symptoms in just a few hours.

Unlock Your Brain's Potential

We literally rewire the brain and remove the blocks that keep your brain from operating at its true potential. 

Why Brain Inegration?

Why Do You Need Brain Integration?

We help children and adults connect their right and left-brain or, in other words, their emotional side with their rational side. One side controls rational and relationships and the other is reactive and instinctual.

When the communication between the two hemispheres is impaired, decision-making and executive functioning suffer. This causes anxiety, stress, learning problems, self-esteem problems, attention issues, and a whole host of frustrations.

With Brain Integration both the right and left-brain work together and overall functioning and emotion improves.

Here’s What We Do

We Rewire The Brain

Brain integration techniques rewire brain activity in people of all ages. Once the connections are made brain integration clients see improvement in learning and can access brain functions that had been blocked. After removing stress and blockages, the entire brain works more efficiently.


Here's How Brain Integration Works

Brain Integration (BI) techniques re-pattern brain activities by working with the electromagnetic flow of information in the brain and rewiring this flow from the inside. This helps the brain to cope with difficulties and use more of its potential. BI ensures that the brain is able to process information simultaneously and efficiently. While traditional Brain integration therapies require extensive at-home exercises, the techniques developed by Charles Krebs (LEAP) and Susan McCrossin (Crossinology) and Ian Stubbings (SIPS) have consistently provided immediate results with no at-home exercises.

What We Do

Just a few of the things we help with










Learning Disabilities


Sensory Issues








Executive Function




Cognitive Function






Anger Issues



“My daughter was really behind. She seemed more like a 3 year old than a five year old before the treatments with Julissa. She hardly talked and when she did communicate her sentences were disjointed and response time slow. Within a few treatments her communication had improved drastically, and she wasn’t so afraid anymore. I’m so grateful for how patient Julissa was during the sessions with Maddy and how much she really cared about Maddy’s progress She was able to help my daughter in a way I never thought would be possible.”

-Summer Blackhurst

Letter from a Teacher

“Hi Camille, I’ve got some really wonderful news about Zoey and her SRI score (reading comprehension). At the beginning of the year she scored BR (beginning reader) on the test. I told her I knew she could do so much better than that!!! Anyway, she took it again in January and scored 723! That’s a 700-point jump, I’ve never heard of that so I had her tested again today and sure enough she scored a 721! I am so incredibly proud of her for putting forth the effort and trying her very best! She was so cute when I told her, I could tell she was proud of herself! :)”

-Mrs. H. Johnson

“It’s like a vault in my brain has been opened … I can now access the part of my mind that I always knew was there, but could never figure out how to use.”

Frequently Asked Questions


How does a BI practitioner know where the stress is in the brain?

One question many people have is "How can a BI practitioner know where there is stress in my brain?" When applying acupressure techniques the BI practitioner uses feedback from the individual's muscle (biofeedback or kinesiology) to help them to identify where the "stress" in the brain is and which nuerotransmitters have been blocked and are not performing their integrated function.

Using LEAP® acupressure techniques and other energy-based techniques, the BI practitioner will re-synchronize brain function, thereby resolving associated learning and memory problems.

Do I have return regularly after the treatments are done?

Results are long-lasting. You don't have to "redo" the connections made with the nueropressure techniques. However, often some individuals chose to come back for additional support as needed.

Does a BI practitioner make medical diagnoses?

Brain integration practitioner do not diagnose. They are trained to identify areas of the brain that are stressed and clear the "blockage." A brain integration practitioner would not prescribe medication or attempt to diagnosis anyone they see in their offices.

What do you do during the session?

The BI practitioner use kineseolgoy techniques (muscle testing) to properly identify the affected areas and get an idea for what techniques to use to resolve the issues they find.

How many sessions should I expect to attend?

The process is very individual, though most people choose to go through the entire brain integration. This process that takes between 12-15 hours.

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