Julissa’s Story

Julissa’s family was changed with brain integration therapy, giving her a unique perspective and insight you won’t find anywhere else.

Julissa Byington

Julissa was introduced to brain integration after her son struggled with reading and writing. When it was time to do homework at night he fell apart. After brain integration, however, he calmed down and his reading improved. His behavior improved at home and with his teacher at school. He became more balanced, easier to be around, and his tantrums went way down. After seeing such a dramatic change in her son, Julissa found new purpose and wanted to help other children. Since that point on she has lost herself into the study of brain integration. She is very personable and always researching and thinking about ways she can help each of her clients

Julissa has studied LEAP (Charles Krebs), Crossinology (Susan McCrossin), Kinergetics (Philip Rafferty) and Epigenetics (Hugo Tobar). She has also studied Ron Wayman, Sensory Dynamics Institute.

Julissa has since integrated hundreds of people and seen phenomenal results. Most regularly she sees children with cognitive delays. Julissa has a knack with children, particularly ones with special needs. Her specialties include ADHD, ASD, bipolar, and learning delays. She has also seen improvement in adults having issues with addiction, anxiety and depression.

When she isn’t helping brain integration clients or training others in the arts of brain integration, she likes to camp, hike, watch sports, read and go to her kids’ school events.