What is Brain Integration?

Mar 16, 2021 | 0 comments

When we experience stress, our brains can disconnect and our core energy is not balanced. If this happens, and it often does, our energy is diverted to maintain a flight or fight status and as a result we experience learning difficulties and physical dysregulation. 


So what is Brain Integration, and how does it help? This is the question of the hour. Over the years it has been a challenge for me to put into a 30 second elevator speech.  Fortunately today I get to spend as much time explaining it as I want! I will try to not geek out on you with a big neurology lesson. What I do want to express are the what’s and why’s and what does this mean to you.  This is a complex discussion and I will be breaking it up into bite size bits over several blog posts. 


Discovering and understanding how life challenges present in our bodies

One of the courses of study that I have been delving into over the last year and a half is called LEAP (Life Enhancement Acupressure Program). My LEAP training provided techniques on how the practitioner can help with ‘life and learning problems’.   I’m not a doctor and there is no “miraculous healing” Brain Integration is simply destressing the body and brain.   The pathways we create in the brain support your brain and body to do what it was made to do, efficiently. 


During the Brain Integration session I discover, through the use of muscle testing, what in your brain and body need to be corrected, and the order the corrections need to be made. As my LEAP facilitator Jacque Mooney says, “ Understanding where life challenges our integrated brain function, and how it affects our ability to learn”. You and the people you love can adapt and thrive, through with Brain Integration support tools.  


Understanding Stress in the Brain and Body

Disconnects in our brain can happen in many ways. One way is through our fear and pain. These circuits are processed through the Amygdala. The Amygdala also plays a role in emotions and behavior. This of course is an oversimplified definition. When there is Amygdala stress we can sometimes experience unnecessary emotional dys-regulation. For example, have you been feeling a little erratic? Feeling the overwhelm of life?  How about a little brain fog? Have your cute kiddos been “ acting up or acting out’?   These are examples of the pathways that we want to be in order for you, to think, act and behave in an appropriate manner. 


How to keep your child from acting out

Did you know that when children are under stress, their brains can split off or dissociate? When they dissociate, they don’t use energy structures to be balanced to a core, stable, energy system. Instead they use their energy to maintain a flight or fight status. This means  they have a disruption in their integrated functions. What this looks like is stress with our memory, perception, being present and conscious. I don’t know about you but when I am not feeling present it is hard for me to even remember what I had for breakfast let alone sit in my seat, focus and get any work done. 


Some ways you can start today to resolve the stress and disconnect is Mindfulness and Meditation. They are great tools to help bring ourselves to center and become present. Brain Integration is much like mindfulness – the time spent in this activity rewires disconnects in the brain.. So I’ll leave you with mindfulness exercise to start you on your journey:


Take a moment and smell the roses. Whether you are doing the dishes stop and take notice of how that dish soap feels on your hands. What does it smell like? Does it make bubbles? Does it bring back memories of you or your little ones, when playing in dishwater was the most fun thing to do at age 2? Or notice the texture of the carrot you are peeling, what does it smell like? Remember how sweet the baby carrot  tasted when you stopped at the park for a picnic! 


This practice doesn’t need to be long or involved, just take a moment to breathe and notice judgment free. Often my clients will report feeling less stress following appointments and greater relaxation, much like Mindfulness and Meditation, so this is the best way I have to introduce you to your Brain Integration journey. 


Sending love and gratitude,